Laramide is a Canadian-based company with diversified uranium assets strategically positioned in the United States and Australia to deliver uranium to an increasingly energy dependent world.


Laramide owns large development stage uranium projects in the United States and Australia.


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A proven management team with strong and successful depth of expertise in uranium mine development and operations.


Laramide’s U.S. and Australian uranium projects provide potential for low cost, low technical risk mine production.

New Mexico

Laramide’s U.S. in-situ recovery project is 51 million pounds Inferred Resource with potential for near-term production. Churchrock, Crownpoint and nearby assets form a leading ISR division operating in New Mexico.



Laramide La Sal’s conventional hard-rock uranium mining project is permitted for a bulk sample program in Lisbon Valley Uranium District in Utah. At La Jara Mesa Project, a sandstone-hosted roll front style deposit in New Mexico, permitting is nearly complete.



Laramide’s flagship Australian resource is an advanced stage uranium deposit located in NW Queensland, with total resource of 51.9 million pounds of U3O8.



Nuclear power is more than 99%+ free of smog and greenhouse gas emissions.

510 GW(e)

or 30% increase in electricity from nuclear power by 2030.


of electricity across the United States is clean nuclear energy.


Consumers benefit from reliable and affordable nuclear energy.


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 Laramide President & CEO Marc Henderson shares his insight on Laramide’s uranium portfolio in the USA and Australia, and growing investment momentum in the uranium market.

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